Animal & Human Healing      

Initial Consultation:  £40.00  

Subsequent Consultations  £35.00

Equine Massage

Full Massage:        £45 per session


                        Initial Consultation:     Subsequent                                                                         Consultations:

Horses:            £60.00                           £55.00

Dogs:               £40.00                           £35.00

Cats:                £35.00                           £30.00

Small Furies etc.                Please contact.

Consultation fees include all 5ml  oils used during the consultation.  

Other items used during the consultation or subsequently left with the carer charged extra,


Free within a 10 mile radius of Kidderminster, 40p. per mile thereafter.

Many pet insurance companies now cover complementary therapies for your animals; please check your policy for details.


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Energy Healing

Equine Massage


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